Geoffrey Siu | Wiki Walks
Geoffrey, Siu, Art, Designer, Graphic, Artist, Honolulu, Hawaii, HI, Paint, Painting, Painter, Design, Wiki Walks, Wiki, Wikiwalks, wiki-walks,
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Wiki Walks

About this series

We live in a network culture where virtually anyone with a wi-fi connection can access information that our ancestors could not have dreamed of having. Despite its potential to answer the most specific query, the internet is a disorganized crowd of information saturated with distractions and myths. It is up to the user to pick and choose what information will be read, watched, heard, and remembered.


Fragmentation and patterning in the form of collages find their way into my work by presenting multiple images in different perspectives.  I deny the possibility of the entire composition capturing an inherently naturalistic space and instead present the modern space, an intricate assembly of multiple ideas and images coexisting on a single surface.