Geoffrey Siu | Safe and Nurturing Families Ad Campaign
Geoffrey, Siu, Art, Designer, Graphic, Artist, Honolulu, Hawaii, HI, Paint, Painting, Painter, Design, Wiki Walks, Wiki, Wikiwalks, wiki-walks,
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Safe and Nurturing Families
Ad Campaign

About This Project

This campaign uses engaging and empowering faces of individuals to address abuse within the household. Ohana Pili means “close family” in Hawaiian and focuses on the relationship between a possible victim and abuser. The individuals use their appearance to engage the viewer and the close-up shots emphasize a sense of intimacy and tension. This campaign asks viewers to be reflective about their actions and feel safe in reaching out for help.

SOME SCARS LAST A LIFETIME uses a hand print of paint to imply abuse in a graphic, yet approachable way. The handprint motif is also thematically flexible, applicable to a child to illustrate child abuse rather than intimate partner abuse.