Geoffrey Siu | 60th Annual Luau Shirt Design
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60th Annual Luau Shirt Design

About This Project

A shirt design for the volunteers of United Church of Christ – Judd Street’s annual benefit luau. UCC-Judd works with a number of charities and proceeds help benefit its facilities as well as other benefactors. Reaching its 60th luau is a momentous occasion and asked for a playful design that reflected so.


This design features some of the animals from the luau (the chicken and the pig arguably being the more popular animals) as well as diamonds because a 60th anniversary is also known as the Diamond Anniversary. This design emphasizes the use of a very geometric design with lines of uniform thickness known as “monoline”. While it is contemporary, the intricate design also gives opportunities for some “Easter eggs” like the icthys aka “Jesus fish”, several crosses, and motifs repeating in threes to allude to the Holy Trinity. This really helps “ground” the design to UCC-Judd and cannot be mistaken for contemporary designs.